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Falling behind on tax payments to the IRS is something that millions of Americans have dealt with at one time or another. Owing money to the IRS can be very intimidating, but don’t worry and definitely don’t lose hope – there is tax relief available. An A rated tax relief company can help you reach a tax relief agreement with the IRS. Using proven strategies, our knowledgeable experts can assist you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening.

In some cases, you may be able to settle tax debts for much less than was originally owed. The tax relief experts at Recovery Tax Relief are available to be your dedicated resource to save you the most money while resolving your IRS debt in the shortest amount of time possible.

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  • “I am a business owner to an automotive repair shop in Southern California. For a long time I was breaking even after 2008 with the economy meltdown and fell into to trouble in 2012 after exhausting all savings and finances. I thought I would be able to catch up the following year but was unable to and eventually it snowballed into falling behind on three years of taxes. After receiving several IRS notices my finances were garnished by the IRS and it became extremely difficult to pay simple expenses for my family...”

  • “I had a tax liability close to 40,000 dollars that I had no idea how to resolve due to a medical hardship. I was being treated for cancer and was forced to pull out money and drain my 401k and was at my wits end. Being an older woman age 67 I would cry because I was cornered into a situation out of my control and at this point in my life was fine until the medical problems happened. I ignored noticed from the IRS hoping I could manage the problem best I can but couldn’t...”

  • “The IRS started to take away money from me after contacting my job and took out $800 out of my check every 2 weeks! I fell behind on everything else and barely had money to eat and started looking for someone immediately. I talk to companies and these guys I felt could help me the best. I felt scared paying people money but they help me very good. I don’t know anything about tax or what to do but they told me what to do, and took away my entire liability...”

  • “I completely freaked out as soon as my accounts were frozen. I know I probably should have answered the IRS letters or tried to call them but I had no idea what to do after not taking care of all the debt I’m in. I called around and spoke to attorneys and all of them charged for services so I had to choose the best candidate out of all. They got me on call with the IRS within TWO MINUTES RIGHT AWAY!! Immediately, I knew they were a good company and know what they are doing so I paid the money to get started...”

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