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Recovery Tax Relief is a full service Tax Relief Firm, staffed with Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys and CPAs.  We believe in quoting a fair price based upon the amount of work that Actually needs to be done, not simply looking at a debt amount and ballooning the price out of proportion to the amount of labor required to resolve the problem.  Accurate diagnosis of a case is paramount at our firm, as it’s important to set realistic expectations on timeline to case completion.  Unlike 99% of other tax firms, we believe in going above and beyond and quoting a fair and honest flat fee based upon the work needing to be done by our staffed professionals.  There are no hidden monthly fee’s with us, and we routinely clean up other tax company’s messes.  

As a group we have come together as a firm, piece by piece from other firms, where we felt the client’s did not get a fair shake, or weren’t serviced properly.  Our common vision is: Good service, accurate and honest results, and fair pricing.

We have built our reputation one client at a time, and we strive for service that is 2nd to none.  We pick our phone’s up, we don’t beat around the bush, and we make concessions where they are due to meet even the most meticulous client’s needs.

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