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The initial consultation and investigation into your outstanding circumstances or liability is completely free. We diagnose and estimate as accurately as possible utilizing our qualified Tax Associates to determine the probably outcomes that occur if we even can accept your case. During this process you will find that we are not like most firms, as we will turn away cases. We do not accept all cases because ultimately upon thorough investigation, we believe that taking a case where we cannot provide any benefit at all would be immoral and unethical. This is why we are different from 90% of firms out there. We actually truthfully investigate the matter, so that the client can truly know what they may lawfully be able to achieve utilizing our firm’s services.


Recovery Tax Relief’s Licensed Professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to navigate the complex tax code, and secure the best possible result allowable by law. Two item’s that we focus on here during resolution.

1. Taking care of the client with good, honest, dependable service
2. Working to secure the best possible result allowable by law for our client

We will keep you informed during this phase and take your calls as it is important you know how your case is progressing.

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